Global Health Society Publicity & Engagement Officer
Applying for Publicity & Engagement? Here's a little bit about us...
We are looking to recruit highly enthusiastic and motivated committee members.
We are looking for people willing to show initiative, creativity and dedication.
We are looking for people with an interest in Global Health from every school within the University of Manchester. Above all, people willing to learn new things, work well in a team, deal with a fast paced society and get things done.

As one of our two Publicity & Engagement officers, your role will be to publicise everything we do across all channels and especially social media, and create and maintain a clear, positive, consistent image for the society. You will also be engaging with community groups, societies, and organisations across the University of Manchester and beyond.
If you are the kind of person who is efficient with notifications, creative, is a great communicator, motivated and organised, likes to get involved with a multitude of projects, and uses initiative then apply here!

As this role requires you to engage with our projects across the society, this has been described as one of the most involved and most rewarding positions within the society.
It will require you lead advertising and publicity campaigns for our various events and projects.

If there is any Global Health topic that you are passionate about, and would like an event for it this coming year, you have the opportunity to add your interests to our own and craft the agenda.

The responsibilities of the Publicity Officer are to:
(a) Manage the Society’s Social Media presence;
(b) Create and curate original content for the Society’s Social Media profiles;
(c) Liaise with the Committee Officers in the publicising of Society news;
(d) Liaise with internal UoM bodies and external organisations on behalf of the Chair where appropriate and where delegated;
(e) Responsibly and consistently represent the Society to the public and media, in accordance with UMSU constitution and conduct guidelines as stated by Manchester Medical School and the University of Manchester.
Full Name

What course are you studying?

What year are you in?

Tell us why global health matters to you, and why you want to get involved. (max. 200 words)

Tell us what you think you can bring to being the Publicity & Engagement rep for the Global Health Society. (max. 200 words)

Include any previous experience in similar roles or any other experiences you believe will help you in this role.
If you had one vision for the Global Health Society's future, tell us what it would be and how you would help achieve it. (max. 100 words)

Thank you for applying - we'll get back to you soon!

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